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are you interested in doing business in Mexico?

Border Grower is your best choice.

We are a hydroponic store with 3 years of experience supplying hydroponic equipment to the Mexican Market through e-commerce and points of sale. 

Border Grower the largest online hydroponic store in mexico, with points of sale in tijuana and queretaro leading the cannabis market

We handle all import processes of our products in-house and receive them in our warehouse located in San Diego, California.

We ship From Queretaro, a key location for national distribution in Mexico ensuring safe and reliable shipping for all our customers (B2C & B2B). 

Border Grower point of sale Tijuana and queretaro key locations for successful logistics in mexico

We have 2 points of sale, one located in Tijuana and other in Queretaro but we sell nationally thanks to our online store and social media.


Social Media Reach 

Tik Tok +65K Followers  | Instagram +50K followers | Facebook +7K Followers

We have a team of professional designers, marketers, analysts and content creators constantly working on brand awareness and ways for Border Grower and your brand to reach more people in the Mexican market.


Legalization of cannabis is getting to Mexico and with this a blooming new market arises, be here early. 

We want to see you grow.



It would be a pleasure doing business with you. Our CEO Edwin, will be happy to meet you.

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+52 664 505 89 40


Border Grower is the largest online hydroponic store in Mexico responsible for the distribution and sale of more than 400 cannabis exclusive products. 

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